Leela Gingelly Oil, Til Oil, Sesame Oil, Nallennai, 375 ml

Leela Gingelly Oil, Til Oil, Sesame Oil, Nallennai, 375 ml

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Gingelly Oil, Til Oil, Sesame Oil, Nallennai, 375 ml

Gingelly Oil is the another name for Sesame Oil and it also called as Til Oil or Nallennai (in Tamil).This golden brown edible sesame oil is derived from sesame seeds .Generally, Sesame Oil is used in Indian Kitchens like vegetable Oil and it is also used as a flavor enhancer in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian Cuisine.Sesame Oil has aromatic smell of Sesame seeds which makes food smell delicious.Gingelly oil contains linoleic acid, which is one of the essential fatty acids that our body is not able to produce and it has vitamin E and low cholesterol content.Sesame oil contain magnesium,copper,iron,zinc and vitamin B6. So it acts as a good medicine to nerves and bone disorder problems.Sesame oil also raises immunity in human body.esame oil not only used for in Indian Cooking but also used for Ayurvedic massage all over the world and also helps to prevent the hair loss problem and makes hair dark, when used as hair oil.

Indian Recipe: Lime Pickle
Recipe Ingredients to make Lime Pickle:

Fresh lime – 6
Sesame Oil – 200ml
Fenugreek seeds – 1 tbsp
Mustard Seeds – 1/4 tbsp
Turmeric Powder – 1/4 tbsp
salt- 4 table spoon
red chilli Powder – 4 table spoon
Asafoetida – 1/2 table spoon

Procedure to make Lime pickle:

1. Before making lime pickle, lightly roast the Fenugreek seeds then grind into fine powder.
2.Cut Limes in medium size, as your wish.
Seasoning ingredients:
To prepare Seasoning:
1.Lightly Heat the Sesame oil in stainless steel Pan.
2.Add Mustard seeds, Turmeric powder and Asafoetida when it is splatters and lightly seasoning it.
3.Then Cool completely before adding to pickle
Making Lime pickle:
1.Mix together lime pieces, salt, red chili powder, fenugreek, turmeric and asafoetida .
2.Add the cooled seasoning ingredients
3.Mix well and fill in dry airtight bottle.
4.Shake the mixture everyday with a dry spoon for 15 days.
Tips for Lime Pickle:
Serve with any dish such as snacks, rice, roti, poori etc.It is serve with Curd rice.
To avoid spoiling it as stored in refrigerator.
Other Indian names for Sesame oil:
Gingelly Oil, Til Oil, Sesame Oil, Nallennai,Nalla Enna,Nuvvula Noone,Manchi Noone,Yellenne,Ollenne,Teel Tel,Thala Thel,Elnei,Ellu Nei.

Type: Oil
Color: Golden brown

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