Mustard Seeds, Rai, Kadugu, Spices, TRS, 100g

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Mustard Seeds, Rai, Kadugu, Spices, TRS, 100g

Mustard seeds are commonly known as “sarson” in India. They are small rounded seeds about 1 or 2 mm in diameter and are of brown in color. Mustard seeds can be of three different colors, black mustard, brown Indian mustard, and white Mustard , depending upon the type of plant it comes from. Mustard seeds have a sharp, pungent flavor. Mustard seeds are used as spices and condiments in various cuisines in India, Mediterranean, Caribbean, northern Europe, North America, and Africa. In India, mustard seeds are used for seasoning in almost all Indian vegetable dishes; either curry or dry masala recipes. Mustard Seeds are also the main ingredients of almost all pickles. Mustard seeds are also used as an ingredient in salad dressings, glazes, sauces, soups, and marinades as a cream, paste or a whole seed. Whole, ground, cracked, or bruised mustard seeds are mixed with water, vinegar or other liquids, and sometimes other flavorings and spices, to create a thick paste commonly paired with meats and cheeses. Condiments or sauce made of mustard seeds are used in European countries with fish and hot dogs. Mustard seeds are also popular addition to sandwiches and hamburgers.

Indian recipe: Indian mustard fish

Recipe Ingredients for Indian Musterd fish:

• 1 kilo salmon, cut into chunks
• 3 tablespoons mustard seed
• 2 Green Chillies chopped
• 3 chili Pepper
• 1/4 cup vegetable oil
• 4 medium onions, chopped
• 1 teaspoon Chili Powder
• 1 teaspoon ground Turmeric
• Salt as per taste
• 1/3 cup water

Preparation Method for Indian mustard fish:

• Place the mustard seed and chili peppers in a bowl, and mash together to create a fine paste.
• Heat the oil in a pan.
• Add the chopped onion and fry it until golden.
• Add the mustard and chili paste, red chili powder, turmeric powder and salt. Stir in water.
• Place salmon in the skillet. Reduce heat to low, and cook until most of the liquid has evaporated and fish is easily flaked with a fork.

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Other names of Mustard seeds are:

Sarson, Sarso, Mohari, Kadughu, Sarsay, Mitha, Sorisha, Rainu, Keduge, Avanune, Sassive, and Schwarze Senfkörner.

Type: Spice
Color: Brown
Taste: Bitter taste

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