Ready to Eat & Ready Meals

Readymade also known as Ready to Eat (RTE) foods are processed food that are ready to eat without any extra cooking. Readymade meals are just easy to have instant food by heating in a pan or microwave and your delicious indian food is ready to eat . Instant means immediately, so just heat the packet content for 2-3 minutes as by the instructions on the packet. You can surprise your people at home by placing many varieties of Indian and Sri Lankan dishes at the same time on the dining. In this hectic world finding difficult to prepare the food of your choice, then the best idea is choose your favourite products from our online Indian shopping centre at the ease and comfort from your home itself. In our indian online shop we have around 25 varieties of various north indian, south indian, sri lankan readymade foods from popular brands like MTR, Haldirams Minute Kahana, Rabeena etc.

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