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Want to cook Indian Food in Germany ? Here is how to Start ?

cook-indian-food-germany-here-how-to-start If you’re just starting out with Indian cooking, the vast number of spices available in stores may actually end up confusing you. While Indian cooking does use a greater variety of ingredients than most other cuisines, you certainly don’t need to pick up every spice that is available in Indian store or an online Indian shop. Start with the basic ones that are used in most recipes and buy in small quantities otherwise spices lose their strength and aroma if kept for too long. Build your own spice store and add the more exotic ingredients as you grow familiar with Indian cuisine.

German always thinks that cooking Indian food is not easy as their German food. This impression is mainly due the time it takes to prepare Indian dish at the kitchen and the availability of original ingredients required to cook Indian food here in Germany. People who are living in big cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich etc., may definitely find some Indian shops located nearby, but how about People living in some small towns where no real Indian shops available, but always need to taste exotic Indian dishes. So, the question is where to buy original Indian grocery food ingredients in Germany? The simple question is through Internet. There are few online shops available in Germany to buy original Indian grocery food items, for example one is, which has a wide range of original Indian grocery food ingredients including more than 100 spices and spice blends. As with all other cuisines, Indian food too is all about finding what works best for you. Prepare a short list of main ingredients like Indian Spices , Pulses , Atta (chapatti flour), Rice , Pickles , Chutneys and Pastes that are required for Indian kitchen to prepare delicious Indian cuisine.

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