Achcharu, Pickle, Achar, Sri Lanka, Rabeena, 380g

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Achcharu, Pickle, Achar, Sri Lanka, Rabeena, 380g

Achar , it is one of the crucial category of food in Indian cuisine. Achar or chutney are a big group of side Indian dish with diverse flavor, usage, textures, and/or ingredients. They are often used as pickles,relish, sauce, dressing, condiments are used in western cuisine. They may even act as appetizers. Usually a region has its own traditional variety of achar . Nowadays many variety Achar are available commercially in both inside and outside of India but more popular with Indian community . Usually Achar is marinated and eaten in small amounts to add flavor to meal. It can both be fresh or aged. Achar can be eaten with everything from basmati rice to fusion burger. Range of ingredient needed to make Achar or Chutney differ widely.
One variety of classic Achar can be made with two or three ingredients while another might take twenty. Similarly, effort and time to make Achar also varies. Some can be made within few minutes while some might take hours and even months to age. Achar are commonly referred as Pickles in English. Achars are prepared by using lime, mango, vegetables etc…


• Potatoes – 2
• Roasted red chilies – 10
• Fenugreek seeds – 1 tsp
• Tamarind, the size of a lemon
• Mustard seeds – 3 tsp
• Salt to taste
• Oil, for cooking

Type: baby garlic marinated in spicy paste and oil
Color: yellow
Taste: Mild spicy

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