Butter Beans, Lima Beans, TRS, 500g

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Butter Beans , Lima Beans, TRS, 500g

Butter bean is a kind of legume which is white or cream color with smooth skin, buttery texture and of kidney shape.Butter Beans have a delicate flavor that
complements a wide variety of Indian cuisine.Butter beans are also known as “Lima Beans” which can help in lowering cholesterol. Butter beans are high in
dietary fiber and especially good for diabetic people as it prevents the blood-sugar level from rising after a meal. Butter beans also provides rich source of
proteins in Indian recipes which can be eaten with Idli Rice
or roti. Butter beans are common Ingredients in preparing many dishes in America. For making delicious Indian recipes
, dried butter beans should be first softened by soaking in water for overnight.

How to cook Butter beans?
Take 1 cup of butter beans in a bowl. Add 4 cups of water and leave it untouched for overnight or at least 8 hours. It will yield 3 cups of Butter beans.
Then drain the soaking liquid and rinse the beans with clean water two times. Take a closed pan and pour the water with beans in it and cook it on high flame
for 5 minutes. Butter beans may produce a lot of foam during cooking. Soft Butter beans are ready for making different varieties of delicious Indian recipes
such as soup, salad, appetizer and other main spicy Indian dishes. It can be also eaten as a whole by mixing with salt and lemon juice.

Indian Recipe: Butter beans Special Curry

Recipe Ingredients for cook Butter beans Special Curry :

• 2 cup cooked Butter Beans
• 1 teaspoon Jeera
• 1 teaspoon Turmeric Powder
• 1 teaspoon Dhania Powder
• 2 Onion finely chopped
• 2 Tomatoes medium size chopped
• 2 Green Chillies
slight lengthwise
• 1 teaspoon Kasoori Methi
/dried Fenugreek leaves
• 1 teaspoon Yogurt
Salt and Chilly powder as per taste.

Butter beans Special Curry cooking Method:
• Heat 2 tablespoon oil in a pan.
• Add the cumin seeds and allow them to sizzle.
• Add the onions, turmeric powder and saute until onions begin to change color.
• Add the chopped tomatoes and green chilies.
• Add the salt and chili powder. Stir, cover and continue to cook for a minute or so. Remove the lid and mash the tomato into pulp.
• Add the fenugreek leaves and coriander powder. Mix well and cook for another minute. When most of the water gets evaporated, add 1 spoon of yogurt and mix.
• Add the boiled lima beans and 3 cups of water. Cover and cook for another 2-3 minutes.
• Remove the lid and continue cooking until water evaporates or curry reaches desired consistency.
• Garnish with the finely chopped green Coriander Leaves .
• Serve Hot with the Roti or Cumin Rice.

Other Indian recipes made from Butter beans are:
• Butter bean spicy curry
• Butter beans pulao
• Butter bean pakode
• Pan fried butter beans
• Savory butter beans
• Butter beans and potato gravy
• Butter beans salad
• Butter beans in Cream
• Butter beans prawn scampi
• Butter beans in sesame

Other names of Butter beans are: Lima beans, white beans, sugar beans, civet beans, Sieva beans, Madagascar beans, Burma beans, Mochakottai sundal, Haba beans, Pallar beans, Guffin beans, Hibbert benas, Rangoon beans, Paigya, Limabohnen.

Type: Legume
Color: White
Shape: Kidney shape
Taste: Nutty flavor

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