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Coconut Milk or “Gati” is traditionally made by mixing the grated meat of a ripe coconut with warm water and then squeezing out the milky juice. Coconut Milk is commonly used in preparing delicious indian cuisine .The Curry Paste is then added, any other seasonings, meats, vegetables and garnishes. Sweetened coconut milk is served on its own as a drink during spring and summer. It is made by adding sugar and evaporated or fresh milk during the process of preparing the coconut milk.

How to use canned coconut milk ?
Tinned cream/milk – For recipes requiring Coconut Cream , do not shake the tin before opening. Spoon out the thick cream on top. Refrigerating the tin makes the cream harden so it can be easily removed from the watery milk. The cream and milk can then be used separately although the milk will not be as rich. For recipes requiring coconut milk, shake the tin vigorously before using.
Culinary use of coconut milk:
• Coconut milk is used for drinking raw by itself, or as a substitute for animal milk in Tea , Coffee , etc.
• In temperate Western countries, it is used especially by vegans or people with allergies to animal milk. It can be mixed with fruit to make a yogurt substitute and in general for baking.
• Coconut milk is a common ingredient in many tropical cuisines, most notably those of Southeast Asia (especially Burmese, Cambodian, Filipino, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, and Thai), as well as Brazilian, Caribbean, Polynesian, Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines.

Medicinal use of coconut milk:
• Coconut milk is considered very healthy in Ayurveda, and in modern times has been found to have hyper lipidemic balancing qualities as well and antimicrobial properties in the gastrointestinal tract and topically.
• Coconut milk is also used for healing mouth ulcers.
• Coconut milk used build up the immune system and the body’s defenses. Coconut milk contains many vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, including potassium, calcium and chloride.
• Coconut milk contains lauric acid, an essential fatty acid, which helps your immune system and can also help you lose weight.
• Coconut milk is known to relieve the symptoms of sore throats.

Skin Care and cosmetics:
• Coconut milk is used in skin-care products to moisturize the skin and relieve dry skin and rashes.
• It also can be used on the hair and in baths.
• Coconut milk is used in making hair care products and shampoo.

Indian recipe: pulao in coconut milk

Recipe Ingredients for pulao in coconut milk:

• 2 cups long grained rice (basmati)
• 3 tbsp Ghee or butter or oil
• 2 medium Onion , finely sliced
• 2 Green Chillies
• 2 tsp Ginger Garlic Paste
• 1 big sized tomato, chopped
• 1 small bunch of Mint Leaves , chopped
• 1 small bunch of Coriander , chopped
• 1 cup Coconut Milk
• 2 cups water
Salt as per taste

For seasoning:
• Condiments
• 1″ stick of Cinnamon
• 4 pods of Cardamom
• 2 Cloves
• 2 Star Anise

For Garnish:
• 2 tbsp Cashew Nuts
• chopped Coriander

Cooking Method for pulao in coconut milk:
• Wash, soak rice for 15 minutes, drain and set aside.
• Heat Ghee , butter or oil in a wide frying pan and fry the cashew nuts until golden.
• Remove the cashew nuts and set on a paper towel.
• Add the condiments.
• Add sliced Onion and Chillies
• Sauté until onions are translucent and are just beginning to turn golden.
• Add the Ginger Garlic Paste and chopped tomato and cook for 5 minutes until the moisture from the tomato is dry.
• Add the chopped mint and Coriander and after they just with, add the drained rice and mix well.
• Once the moisture from the rice has evaporated (it takes about 5 minutes), take off from heat.
• Garnish with chopped Coriander Leaves and serve hot with pappad , Pickles , Chutneys and raita

Other Indian recipes made from coconut milk are:

• All vegetable and Fish Curries
• Coconut Rice
• Gothampu Payasam (Wheat Payasam)
• Ada Prathaman
• Parippu Prathaman
• Mutton Stew
• Kerala Curries
• Molugootal (sometimes used in conjunction with fresh grated coconut to enhance flavor)
• Paal-Appam (sweetened coconut milk in the center of the Aapam for taste)
Puttu (Steam cake) Grated coconut is mixed with rice powder for taste
• icecreams

Other Indian names of coconut milk are: Nariyal, Narcole, Narikol, Nadia, Naral, Naliyar, Thengai, Nalikeram, thenga, Kobbari Kaaya, Tenginakai , kokos milch.

Type: Liquid
Color: White
Taste: Sweet

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