Coconut Oil, Nariyal Thel, Velichenna, Thengai Ennai, KTC, 500 ml

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Very few oils have multiple human benefits; however coconut oil is a seed derived oil that can be used from head to toe as well as for cooking. Coconut oil is extremely beneficial for health, but needs to be used in safe and prescribed measured. It has nutrients and properties that lower the cholesterol levels as well as prevent thyroid related ailments. Apart from that, using the oil in its purest form is good for the hair and skin. In the coastal regions most babies are massaged with the coconut oil in its organic form. Researchers from the medical field are constantly studying the benefits of the organic form of coconut oil.

For health reasons nutritionists and dieticians promote a coconut oil diet. They recommend foods fried in this oil, rather than the usual cooking oil. In fact, in Kerala food is commonly cooked in oil from the coconuts.

Other Indian names of coconut are: Nariyal, Narcole, Narikol, Nadia, Naral, Naliyar, Thengai, Nalikeram, thenga, Kobbari Kaaya, Tenginakai , kokos milch.

Type: Liquid
Color: White

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