Coriander Seeds, Cilantro, Dhania, Kothamalli, TRS, 100g

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Coriander Seeds, Cilantro, Dhania, Kothamalli, TRS, 100g

Whole coriander seed is a commonly used spice around the world. Coriander seeds are small rounded and yellowish brown in color with longitudinal ridge in
between two halves of a seed. Coriander seeds have a distinctive aroma of warm, nutty, spicy and orange-flavor. Coriander seeds are a key spice in Indian and
Middle Eastern cuisines. These seeds have a lemony citrus flavor when crushed. Coriander seeds are important ingredients of the spices used in almost all the
Indian cuisine. Coriander seeds are also used as a seasoning condiment. Roasted coriander seeds, also known as “dhania dal”, are eaten as a snack. Coriander
adds flavor in pickling brines, sausages, hot dogs, pastries, cookies, and are often mixed with peppercorns as an aromatic seasoning. Crushed coriander has a
thickening property when added to sauces, such as Indian curries. Coriander is an ingredient in Indian Curry Powder
, and Arabic baharat. It is especially popular as an ingredient in spice mixtures including curries and the popular Indian seasoning “ Garam Masala
”. Coriander is also used in the making of tasty and spicy “ Chutneies
”. As a home medicine, coriander seeds are boiled with water and drunk as medicine for common colds.

Uses of coriander seeds:
• In Scandinavian countries, coriander seeds are used to flavor sweet dishes such as cakes, cookies and pastries.
• Coriander seeds are a common ingredient in sausage, pickle brines, curries, and other spice mixtures.
• Coriander seeds are used to flavor pork, sea food.
• In Indian cooking, coriander seeds are used to flavor curries and chutneys.
• Coriander seeds are used in the poached dishes like poached fish, poached chickens etc.
• Coriander is added to pancake and waffles to give them a Middle Eastern flavor.
• Coriander seeds are used in brewing certain styles of beer, particularly some Belgian wheat beers.

Indian recipe: Andhra fish fry

Recipe Ingredients to prepare Andhra fish fry :

• 1 pound of white fish filet such as snapper or cod, cubed
• 1 teaspoon ground Coriander Seeds

• 1 teaspoon Indian Black Salt

• 1 teaspoon Turmeric Powder

• 1 teaspoon Red Chillie
• 2 teaspoon Ginger Powder
, grated
• 2 teaspoon Garlic Minced Paste
, minced
• 1 teaspoon Black Pepper Whole

• Juice of 2 limes
• Oil for deep frying
• Lemon wedges and mixed greens for serving

Preparation Method:

• In a bowl, combine fish, salt and turmeric and toss until fish is evenly coated. Set aside.
• In another bowl, mix chilli powder, ginger, garlic, coriander, pepper and lime juice to make a paste.
• Heat a pan with oil.
• Dip fish pieces, a few at a time, into the lime juice batter and carefully slide into hot oil.
• Cook, turning often, until fish pieces look brown and crisp.
• Remove and let drain on paper towels.
• Serve fish hot with lemon wedges and salad

Other indian recipes made from coriander seeds are:
• Mustard and coriander cauliflower
• Potato masala
• Coriander brad stick
• Indian curry
• Indian spicy dishes
• Indian vegetable masala recipes
• Methkut
• Raiya tarkawala
• Sambhar masla
• Spicy green tea
• Salsa
• Coriander Tomatoes
• Garlic Coriander Masala
• Steamed Artichokes
• Pickled Eggs

Other names of coriander seeds are: Chinese parsley, Coriander, dhania, coriandolo, Kothamalli, Kotthampal, Malli, varakothamalli, dhaniyalu, coriandi seeds, Korianderfrüchte.
Type: Seeds
Color: Yellowish brown
Taste: nutty, spicy and orange-flavor

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