Dahi Vada Instant Mix, Deep Fried Curd Vadai Instant Mix, Gits, 200g

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Dahi Vada Instant Mix, Deep Fried Curd Vadai Instant Mix, Gits, 200g

Dahi vada is an Authentic Indian cuisine which is originates from south India but it is papular in North and West India,it is served without Khajur imli ki chutney while in the western parts ,this dish added sweet and sour flavours then it serve with od khahur ki chutney.Dahi vada also call as thayir vada( in Tamil and malayalam),dahi Dhalla (in punjabi),perugu vada(in Telugu),mosaru vade(in kanada),Dahi Bara(in Oriya) and Doi Bora(in bengali).vada and yogart is the main ingredients to make tasty south Indian dahi vadas.This deep fried dahi vadas made from lentils then transffered to thick beaten yogart before serving.Vada’s have to soak in yogart at least a couple of hours to get better taste and it can be decorated on the top with mint leaves,chilli powder,mint or coriander leaves ,crushed black pepper,chaat masala,cumin, shredded coconut,green chilis or boonti.
This dahi vada can be easily prepare at home but it is very difficult to beginners,but they also prepare it at home using dahi vada Instant Mix through follow up this procedure.Dahi vada is a great side dish for a formal dinner or served as a chaat.

Ingredients to Dahi Vada Instant Mix:

• Lentils flour,Wheat Shortening(Palmolein Oil,Sesame Oil),Salt,Acid,Cumin seed powder and permitted anti-oxidant.

Procedure to make this dahi vada using Instant Mix:

• Mix contents of the pack with 250 ml of water.Stir to a smooth batter and set aside for 10 mins
Tip:Add ginger and green chillies paste to the batter.
• Gently stir the Mixture before use.
• Heat the Oil(app.500 ml),place tablespoons of batter individually and fry on medium flame till crispy and light brown.
• Drain excess Oil & cool for 3-5 min.
• Soak in water for mins.
• Gently press each vadai to drain off excess water.
• Immerse in beaten yogurt for 10 mins.
• Garnish with roasted cumin seeds(Jeera),Red chilli powder,Salt,Coriander leaves,tamarind sauce and Yogurt.
• Serve cold.

Steps to Prepare Appetizer Dahi Vada using Dahi vada Instant Mix:

Step by Step Vedio Instructions to prepare Dahi vada using Deep fried Curd vadai Instant Mix:

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