Vada Instant Mix, Deep Fried Vadai Instant Mix, Gits, 200g

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Dal Vada Instant Mix, Deep Fried Vadai Instant Mix, Gits, 200g

Dal Vada is an Authentic South Indian Cuisine which is originated from Andhra pradesh.Vada are usually in disc shap or doughnut.This papular delicious snack cripy from outside and soft from inside.The main ingredients for making vada Moong dal,Onion,Green Chilli ,Curry leaves ,Salt , Oil and Coriander also we can made vada from moong dal,lentil,gram flour or potato.This deep fried gloden brown Vadas are favorite street food in Indian-Subcontinent and Sri lanka.
This tasty vada can easily prepare at home by using Deep fried Vadai Instant Mix for better taste but it is very difficult to beginner who are all at first.
We can be serve vada’s with curds and coconut chutney to get better taste at morning time but it can be serve as a snacks all day in street stalls ,railway stations and inside the Indian railways.

Ingredients to Dal Vada Instant Mix:

Moong dal(split green gram 82%)flour,Wheat flour,Bakery Shortening(Palmolein Oil,Sesame Oil),Salt,Sodium bicarbonate(E500(II)),Citric Acid(E330),Green chilli powder,Cumin seeds,Ginger powder,Turmeric and permitted antioxidant(E320),Bakery Shortening used contains transfats.

Steps to prepare Dal vada using Dal Vada Instant Mix:

• Mix the contents of the packs with 210ml of water.
• Stir to a smooth batter.
• Keep aside for 10 min
Tip:for Spicier taste add finely chopped onion,green chillies and coriander leaves.
• Gently stir the mixture before use.Heat Oil(app.500 ml).
• Oil temperature should be such that a pinch of dough rises quickly to the surface.
• Place tablespoonfuls of batter individually and fry on medium flame till crispy and light brown.
• Drain excess Oil.
• Serve Moong Dal Vadas with fried green chillies/tomato ketchup/green Chutney.

Steps to prepare Dal Vada from Dal Vada Instant Mix:

Step by Step Vedio Instructions to prepare Dal Vada using Dal Vada Instant Mix:

color:light Brown
type:Instant Mix
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