Guanabana Juice, Exotic Fruit Juice, Rubicon, 1L

Guanabana Juice, Exotic Fruit Juice, Rubicon, 1L

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Guanabana Juice, Exotic Fruit Juice, Rubicon, 1L

The Guanabana fruit is also known as “soursop” and has a delicately flavored Sweet creamy white juice of delicious in taste. Guanabana juice is refreshingly cool and natural. The juices are manufactured from fresh guanabana that have been chosen with the utmost care. The Guanabana juice captures the natural essence of the guanabana fruit, with a sweet and tangy overtone. The rich Juice is rejuvenating and refreshing. The tangy flavor of the guanabana juice appeals to the taste buds and its nutritious qualities enhances its popularity. It is the perfect combination of taste and good health. Each 200ml serving provides 100% of the EC recommended daily allowance (RDA) of the Vitamin C. Rubicon has specialized in making delicious Juice drinks from exotic fruits for over 20 years. They select the very best varieties of fruit which are nurtured, then carefully harvested to ensure the fragrant, luscious flavors are always maintained.

How to use Guanabana Juice ?
Drink chilled. To get better taste drink over ice or try mixing your own cocktails, mocktails and smoothies…

Recipe Ingredients to prepare Guanabana Juice(Exoitic Fruit Juice):
Water, Guanabana Puree (21%), Sugar , Flavorings, Malic Acid, Stabilisers (Guar, Xanthan), Vitamin C.

Type: Juice
Taste: sweet

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