Handpound Parboiled Rice, Sri Lanka, Rabeena, 1 kg

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Handpound Parboiled Rice, Sri Lanka, Rabeena, 1 kg

Handpound parboiled rice cherished in different ways in different parts of the country in old days and every preparation is unique and exquisite.This Sri Lankan Rabeena brand provides us this healthy rice to make our delicious rice recipes.This Parboiled rice gives us nutritional values to our body.This rice paddy-grown is cultivated in flooded fields, which occupies a portion in the Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine and India is home for many varieties of this paddy-grown rice.The olden days the people are liked handpound parboiled rices than polished rice.

How to use :

It should be cleaned well and soak for 30 minutes to get better taste.

Indian recipe: Coconut Rice Recipe

Recipe Ingredients for Coconut Rice Recipe :

• Biryani rice – 400 gms
• Coconut – 120 gms
Ghee – 40 ml
• Black gram dhal – 25 gms
• Broken pieces of nuts – 25 gms
Chillies – 6 gms
• curry leaves – 2 gms
• asafoetida powder – 2.5 gms
• coriander leaves – 20 gms
• Salt to taste

Method of Preparation :

Boil rice and keep aside.Fry coconut evenly to a golden colour on a slow fire.Heat 3 dessertspoon of ghee. Fry the cashewnuts and remove.Fry the broken pieces of dry chillies, black gram dhal, and curry leaves well.Mix rice, coconut, nuts, 1 teaspoon of ghee and salt.Serve hot garnished with coriander leaves.

Other recipes made from Basmati rice are:

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• curd rice
• Fried rice
• plain basmati rice
• jeera basmati rice
• lemon rice
Vegetable Pulao
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Other Indian names of basmati rice are: Chawal, Basmati rice, Basmati-Reis
Akash Basmati Rice availble in 5K and 10 Kg pack.

Type: Long grains
Color: white
Taste: crunchy

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