Katta Sambal, Sambol Chutney, Sri Lanka, Rabeena, 300g

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Katta Sambal, Sambol Chutney, Sri Lanka, Rabeena, 300g

Katta Sambal is purely made out of grinding dried chilli flacks with sea salt. An altered version of Katta Sambal commonly used throughout Sri Lanka which is another similar preparation where you grind on a granite grinding stone or pound in a mortar and pastel to make like a salsa made out of red onions, dried chilli flakes, maldive fish, sea salt and lime juice. It is the katta sambole which is famous through Sri Lanka and lunumiris was a traditional paste used to accompany foods like hoppers, vada and Kiribath in the rural setting . Lunumiris can still be seen in some villages and rural settings. Katta sambol is freely available in all parts of Sri Lanka.

Ingredients for Katta Sambal:

• dried prawns – 4 tablespoons
• dried red chillies – 10
• shallots / chuvannuli – 2
• salt – ½ teaspoon
• lemon juice – 1 teaspoon

Cooking Method:

1. As experience in India, the dried prawns needs cleaning. Hence soak dried prawns for 15 minutes, changing water a couple of times. Drain out water.
2. Gently wipe with a kitchen towel. Make a paste of cleaned dried prawns, dried red chillies, salt and shallot using mortar and pestle.
3. Do not add water. Sprinkle lemon juice (optional). Serve with rice / idiyappam (string hoppers), idli, dosa.


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