Khara Bhath, Ready To Eat, Readymade, MTR, 300g

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Khara Bhath, Ready To Eat, Readymade, MTR, 300g:

Khara-bhat is a savoury traditional breakfast of South India made of Rava Upma Mix , vegetable and Spices. It is made with spicy cream of semolina or wheat rava cooked with vegetables in aromatic Indian spices. Khara-bhat is delicious and suitable breakfasts for pure vegetarians. MTR-Khara-Bhat is very easy to cook and ready within a few minutes. MTR-Khara-Bhat-Ready-To-Eat is very tasty, convenient and easy to cook. Traditionally, Khara-bhat is served hot with Coconut Chutney, Garlic Pickle, salad and potato chips. MTR-Khara-Bhat-Ready-to-eat is 100% natural and has absolutely no preservatives. The ingredients used to prepare this recipe are made with traditional techniques so as to ensure that purity, freshness and flavor are retained.An authentic south Indian MTR-Khara-Bhat in minutes.

Recipe Ingredients to prepare MTR Khara Bhath :

• Water, Semolina (21%), carrot, Ghee
• Atlantic Sea Salt
• copra, lemon concentrate, Cashew Nuts
• Bengal gram dal
• sugar
• Green Chillies
• Ginger Powder
• Mustard Seeds
• Coriander Leaves
• Curry Leaves
• Turmeric Powder
and Vegetable Curry Masala .

Method to prepare Khara Bhath:

MTR-Khara-Bhat-Ready-to-eat can be prepared in either of two ways:
• Transfer the content of the foil pouch into the microwave safe bowl and microwave on high for 1-2 minute.
• Immerse the unopened foil pouch in boiling water for about minute .Remove, cut open and serve hot.

Type: Ready-to-eat
Taste: Mild spicy

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