Lime Pickle, Lemon, Nimbu, Hot, South Indian Pickle, NGR, 400g

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Lime Pickle, Lemon, Nimbu, Hot, South Indian Pickle, north srilankan pickle, NGR, 400g

Lemon or Lime (Nimboo) is a greenish or yellowish juicy fruit, rich in vitamin C and is commonly used as flavour and preservative in culinary and a number of therapeutic applications.This South Indian Pickles are amazing taste.One of the most popular pickles available in markets. Finely chopped pickles mixed with yogurt and a squirt of lemon makes a tasty dip.
This Pachranga Lime pickle is made from limes mashed with chillies, mustard oil and other spices.Lime is called as Nimbu in Hindi popularly and Elumichampazham in Tamil. Truly,the most of the south Indians take lime pickle along with the ‘meals’. The lemons along with salt and ajwain were placed in a clean glass jar with tight lid. The air was left in sunlight for about 25 days. The jar should be shaken after every 2 to 3 days. The colour of lemons gradually changed. It is a long lasting prickle and can be stored.
This spicy pickle is traditionally served with South Indian Meals or as a main meal accompaniment.Traditionally, this South Indian Pickle is made using fresh Lemons at homes across South India.
The Lime Pickle Recepies are very popular from ancient times. In the olden days when the kings would go out for a long duration on battlefield wars, they were given these lime pickles with them, as it has long storage duration. Lime pickles, not necessarily have to be sour. They can either sweet or spicy as well. You can add salt, sugar or jaggery depending on your taste. If you want sweet lime pickles add salt or jaggery or a mixture of both. If you prefer spicy and salty ones, then use salt in your pickle recepies.

Main Ingredients:

Lemon, Chillies ,Mustard oil and spices

Other names of Lemon Pickle :Lime Pickle, Lemon, Nimbu,Namboo,Achar, North Indian Pickle.

Type: Masala spice
Color: Red
Taste: Salty,Spicy

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