Maida, All Purpose Flour, Maidamaavu, 1 Kg

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Maida, All Purpose Flour, Maidamaavu, , 1 Kg

Maida Flour is nothing but highly refined wheat flour. Maida is extracted from the inner white portion of the wheat after the outer brownish layer is removed.To obtain maida ,the flour from flour mill after grinding, is passed through a fine 600 mesh per square inch. It is used to make various Indian food items like Puri , Paratha , Fresh Chapati , Naan, Kulcha etc. Various pastries and other bakery items like bread, biscuits , toast etc. are also made from maida. Maida is also known as General Purpose Flour and it is widely used in festival season for preparing varieties of snacks and bakeries for making biscuits.


Culinary Uses:

• It is the main component of our everyday breakfast – White Breads. The greatest portion of all-purpose is used to make breads of different varieties in taste
and texture. In India, maida is used to make pastries and other bakery items like bread, biscuit, toast etc.
• When used in baking, flour contributes body and structure, texture and flavor to baked goods.
• When used in baking it binds the ingredients together and supports the batter
• Flour is often used as a coating for foods that are fried. Flour-coated food develops a crisp, flavorful crust, and an interior that is tender and juicy.
• It is also used for a range of products from thickening sauces to baking breads, cakes, pizzas and a whole range of flour based Indian and international sweets.
• Shape the dough into a log, wrap it in a wax paper and use it to make various snacks item such as Naan , puri, Paratha , chappathi.
• It can also be used to thicken sauces, creams and pie fillings.
• Recipes calling for dusting cake pans or counters with flour help prevent batters and bread dough from sticking to surfaces.
• Flour can also be used to coat fruits and nuts before adding to batters, thus preventing them from sinking to the bottom of the pan when baked.

Indian sweet Recipe:Maida Halwa

Recipe ingredients for Maida Halwa:

Cashew Nuts to taste
Ghee cup 1/2
• Ilachi powder to taste
• Maida cup 1
• Raisins to taste
Sugar according to your to taste
• water cup 1

Cooking Method:

1. Take a pan and pour ghee on it. When ghee starts boiling add maida and fry continously.
2. Maida should smell good and should turn to light brownish colour.
3. Once the maida is fried properly add water, with one hand stir maida continuously and other hand pour water into the mixture .
4. When the water and maida is in good shape and ghee starts showing on the top add sugar.
5. When the sugar melts the halwa is ready.
6. Now u can add ilachi powder, Cashwes and Raisins fried in ghee to the sweet.

Other recipes from Maida:

• Naan,
• Sweet Pan Cake,
• Maida Biscuits,
• Nankatai,
• Farata,
• Masala Thepla,
• Bikaneri Chana dal parantha,
• Carrot 65,
• Fruit Cake,
• Pooran poli.

Other names of Maida:

Maida mavu, Maida pindi, American mavu


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