Maize Meal, White, TRS

Maize Meal, White, TRS, 500g

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Maize Meal, White, TRS, 500g

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Maize Meal, White, TRS, 500g

Maize Meal(also called as corn flour) is a very delicious and nutritious fine grind flour derived from grounded and desiccated seed of the maize plant which is very popular in indian sub-continent(India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka etc).It is a second most produced and consumed flour after wheat flour,competing with rice flour in india.Maize flour is also used as a replacement for wheat flour,to make corn bread,multi-grain recipes,deep fry batters,corn chips and other baked products.Traditionally in India there is a kind of bread prepared by Maize flour known as “maize roti” which is mostly used in all over India during the winter season.Cornstarch (maize flour) is a major ingredient in home cooking and in making many types of stuffed fish recipes.Corn flour is naturally rich in dietary fibre,vitamin B,Omega 6 unsaturated fat,antioxidants and vegetable protiens also highly rich in magnesium.It is widly used to make Mexican Tortilla-Tacos and Nachos.This authentic fine grind corn flour is easily available in indian online super market with desired price.

Indian Recipe:Corn and Vegetable Roti

Ingredients to prepare Corn and Vegetable Roti:

• Maize flour(also called corn flour) – 1 cup
• coriander(chopped) – 1/3 cup
• potato(boiled) – 1
• Green chillies(chopped) – 2
• Grated Cauliflower – 1/3 cup
• Fenugreek(finely chopped) – 1/3 cup
• salt – to taste

Method to prepare Corn and vegetable Roti:

• first Sieve the flour then add the cauliflower, fenugreek, coriander, green chillies and salt.
• Grate the boiled potato and add to the mixture.
• Make a soft dough by adding warm water.
• Divide the dough into 10 to 12 balls then Roll out with the help of a little flour and cook on a tava until soft.
• serve hot to get better taste.

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