Mamra, Puffed Rice, Pori, Indian Snacks, Heera, 200g

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Mamra, Puffed Rice, Pori, Indian Snacks, Heera, 200g
Mamra, Puffed rice is a type of puffed grain made from rice, usually made by heating rice kernels under high pressure in the presence of stream. Mamra is used in snack fooods and breakfast cereals and is also a popular street food on some parts of the world. Puffed rice is said as mur mure in some parts of India.


• ¼ cup mamra (puffed rice of kurmura);
• ½ cup peanuts;
• ¼ cup each of roasted dalia and cashewnuts;
• 1 tsp cardamom seeds;
• 1 cup chikki jaggery, grated;
• ½ cup ghee.


1. Heat ghee and fry peanuts, cashewnuts and dalia to a light brown colour.
2. Remove from fire and pound coarsely.
3. Fry the puffed rice also to a light brown colour and remove.
4. Now add jaggery in the remaining ghee, when it turns into a syrup, put in the rest of the above ingredients and mix well.
5. Remove from fire and put in a greased tbali, level the surface, mark into squares and set aside to turn cold.
6. Break into pieces and store in airtight tins

Taste: Spicy
Color: White
Type: snack

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