Mango Pickle, Mango Thokku, grated,Hot, Priya, 300g

Mango Pickle, Mango Thokku, grated,Hot, Priya, 300g

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Mango Pickle, Mango Thokku, grated,Hot, Priya, 300g

Priya Mango pickle is an authentic Indian taste.Spicy pickles are very important side dish in an Indian meal. Pickles enhance the tastes of the meal and increase the satisfaction after every meal. Pickles are a savory side dish made by mixing various fruit and vegetable parts that are loaded with spices in spicy vinegar. Indian pickles are prepared from exotic fruits or vegetables preserve in preserving agents such as sugar, salt, oil and vinegar, and finally, blended with spices. Priya Mango Pickle is a combination of juicy green mangoes with authentic spices. It is made using an authentic family recipe, and unlike a mango chutney is not sweet in flavour. Instead it has a distinctive spicy and almost bitter taste that makes it a wonderful accompaniment to a curry. Mango pickles are one of the most commonly used pickles in the Indian subcontinents. Mango pickles are used as relish which provides an appetizing contrast to accentuate the flavor of Indian cuisine. Hot Mango Pickle combines the tang of mangoes with the bite of chillies, to add another dimension to mild curry dishes. They are savory side dish which is hot and spicy in taste and are traditionally served with Indian breads or as a main meal accompaniment. Mango Pickle has a unique, almost bitter flavor and tastes fantastic alongside your favorite curry, with a sandwich or as a dip for pappadums. According to the manufacturer Priya Mango pickles are carefully prepared and is 100% natural, absolutely free from artificial flavor and coloring agent.

Mango pickles can be best used as followings:

• Mango pickles are used to add more flavors when eaten with meal.
• Mango pickles accompany great taste with Indian recipes such as khichri, Pulao and kadhi.
• Mango pickles can also be eaten with any kind of Indian bread like roti, puri or paratha.
• Mango pickles are also used to add more flavor in making curry recipe.

Recipe Ingredients to Mango pickles:

Mango (70%), Vegetable Oil, Salt, Mustard, Chilli, Fenugreek, Spices, Acetic Acid.
Other Indian names of mango pickles: Mamidikaaya Aavakaaya, Maminikaaya uppinikaai, Aam Ka Achar, Mango Pickles.
Type: Pieces marinated in spicy paste
Color: Yellow and red
Taste: Hot and spicy
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