Mixed Pickle, Achar, North Indian, Pachranga, 800g

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Mixed Pickle, Achar, North Indian, Pachranga, 800g

Mixed pickle(Achar) is an authentic Indian taste.Indian Pickles contains mainly vegetable and/or fruits in natural preservative like sugar, salt, and vinegar blended with spices. Pickles are mainly eaten with Indian breads but some people have found creative ways to eat it.Mixed pickles are pickles made from a variety of different vegetables mixed together in the same pickling process. Tangy and spicy pickle are made with pieces of different vegetables and preserved in a mixture of various spices and condiments. Mixed pickles are eaten like other pickles. Mixed pickles are hot and spicy which is used in small amounts to add flavor and to accent a meal. Pachranga mixed pickles have a distinctive spicy and almost bitter taste that makes it a wonderful accompaniment to a curry. Pacharanga Mixed Pickle is a hot fruit and vegetable pickle for curries. Great served with Indian breads or as a main meal accompaniment. According to the manufacturer Pachranga Mixed pickles are carefully prepared and are 100% natural, absolutely free from artificial flavor and coloring agent.This spicy pickle is traditionally served with South Indian Meals.

Mixed pickles can be best used as followings:
• Mixed pickles are used to add more flavors when eaten with meal.
• Mixed pickles accompany great taste with Indian recipe known as “khichri or Pulao”.
• Mixed pickles can also be eaten with any kind of Indian bread like roti, poori, naan, and Parathas.
• Mixed pickles is also used to add more flavor in making curry recipe.
• Mixed Pickles goes well with rice recipes and parathas.

Ingredients to mixed Pickle:

Fruit (35%) (Mango, Limes, Karamdas), Vegetable Oil, Vegetables (24%) (Chilli Peppers, Carrots), Salt, Mustard, Spices, Fenugreek, Acetic Acid, Flavoring.

All vegetables are washed with water and dried.Cut them into small pieces.Mix salt, sugar and garm masala. These stuffed mixture to be placed in a glass jar with the air tight lid. It is left in sun for about a month. The Achcharu or Pickle is very tasty and can be stored for a year.

Type: Fruit and vegetables are marinated in oil and spices

Color: Red
Taste: Hot and spicy

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