MTR Gulab Jamun, Instant Mix, 500g

MTR Gulab Jamun, Instant Mix, 500g

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Gulab Jamun Mix, Instant Cooking Flour, Sweet, Dessert, MTR, 200g

Gulab jamun mix refers to a blend of ingredients, which are necessary to prepare an Indian sweet called gulab jamun. The Gulab jamun mix comprises of skimmed milk, maida, butter, rava, baking soda and cardamom. They are available in the market under many brand names. The existing method for the preparation of gulab jamun is suitable at cottage scale. Khoa is generally used as a base, which causes wide variations in flavour, texture and chemical composition of the sweet.Good quality khoa may not be available all the year round in different parts of the country. In order to overcome these difficulties, a ready-to-form gulab jamun mix powder formulation based on skimmed milk powder with six months shelf life has been developed. Gulab jamun Mixes are a delightful and easy way to make the most mouth-watering delicacies at home.Whether it is a special occasion or just a regular meal, follow the simple step-by-step instructions on the pack and sweeten your family’s day!

Culinary Uses

• Gulab jamun mix is used to prepare a popular Indian sweet called gulab jamuns.
• The production of gulab jamun starts with the preparation of sugar syrup.
• For the preparation of dough and balls, instant gulab jamun mix is added with required quantity of water (50-55 ml for 100 g mix) and kneaded well until smooth body is obtained. Normally, 100 g instant mix yields 13 balls.
• The preformed balls are covered with a wet cloth to arrest evaporation of moisture and case hardening until they are transferred to the frying pan.
• The balls are deep fried in refined vegetable oil or hydrogenated vegetable fat (ghee optional) at 122-130°C for 20 min till the colour becomes golden brown.
• The excess fat from the surface of the fried balls is drained and the balls are transferred into sugar syrup maintained at 60°C. It is soaked for at least
• 6 hrs and served hot.


• Gulab Jamun mix – 1cup
• Water – 2-3 tblsp
• Salt a pinch
• Oil – for deep frying.

For sugar syrup

• Sugar 2 cups
• Water 1 and 1/4 cup
• Rose water few drops(optional)

Preperation Method:

1. Mix the instant gulab jamun mix with water,make it as a dough.
2. keep it aside for few mins.
3. Then make it as a small balls.
4. Heat oil in a kadai then fry this balls in it.
5. On other side,heat the water to prepare sugar syrup.
6. Pour sugar in it,then boil it until reach some consistency.
7. Allow it to cool for some more mins.
8. Put the balls in syrup.
9. keep it aside until soak well.


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