Multi-Grains Atta, Pillsbury Atty, Indian Whole Wheat Flour, 5Kg

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Multi-Grains atta, Pillsbury Atty, Indian whole wheat flour, 5Kg

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Product Description

Multi-Grains atta, Pillsbury Atty, Indian whole wheat flour, 5Kg

Description :
A perfect blend of choicest cereals, this Multi Grain Diabetic Atta gives a complete package of nutrition and health. Completely organic and certified by International Organic Standards, this flour is specially formulated to fulfill daily nutritional requirements of diabetic patients. Rich in minerals, fibre, proteins and energy, the flour can be used to prepare phulkas, paranthas or used to make porridges for breakfast. Its high fibre content regulates blood sugar levels and keeps diabetes perfectly under control. Its rich vitamin content improves immunity while high protein amount enhances stamina and strength.

Other Names:
Nutri Atta, Multi Grain, Atta, Flour, Organic Atta, Organic Flour, Organic Multigrain Atta, Organic Multigrain Flour, Organic Multigrain Diabetic Atta, Organic Diabetic Atta, Organic Diabetic Flour.

Ingredients for Multigrains atta :

– Wheat
– Chana Whole
– Spourted Soyabean
– Dehullted Barely
– Sprouted Fenugreek
– Isabgo and other grains.

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
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