Navaratan Korma, Vegetable Kurma, Readymade, Ready to Eat, MTR, 300g

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Navaratan Korma, Vegetable Kurma, Ready to Eat, MTR, 300g:

Navratan korma is delicious Indian recipe originating from central Asia. Navratan korma is made from five mixed vegetables, Paneer
(Indian cottage cheese) and four dry fruit nuts. This traditional delicious Indian Mughlai dish gets its name Navratan korma as follows. “Navratan” means nine gems, and it is common for the
Indian recipe to include nine different ingredients. Korma is a kind of curry originating from central asia. Hence Navratan korma is a delicious curry with nine
Ingredients including vegetable, nuts and Paneer in a tomato-cream sauce. Traditionally it is served with Naan. It can also be served with other Indian bread
like Roti
, tandoori roti. To save the effort, MTR-Navratan-Korma-Ready-To-eat is already carefully prepared and ready to eat within a few minutes.
MTR-Navratan-Korma-ready-to-Eat just require to be heated and garnish with finally chopped fresh green Coriander Leaves .
MTR-Navratan-Korma-Ready-To-Eat is 100% natural and contains no artificial flavor and preservatives. The ingredients used to prepare this recipe are made with
traditional techniques to make sure that purity, freshness and flavor are properly retained.An Authentic Indian dish Navaratan korma ready in minutes.

Recipe Ingredients to prepare navaratan korma:

Amchur Powder
(mango powder), Bay Leaves
, Mixed vegetables (Beans, Cauliflower, Potato, Carrot, Peas, Capsicum, Cabbage Bottle Gourd and French beans), Coriander Leaves
, Fresh milk, Garam Masala
, Green Chillies
Ground, Coriander Seeds
, Asafoetida
, Asafoetida
, Paneer
, Yogurt, Red Chillies
powder, Atlantic Sea Salt
, Ginger Garlic Paste
, Onion, Tomatoes, Turmeric Powder
, Cream, Dry fruits, Refined Vegetable oil and water

Ways to Prepare:

MTR-Navratan-Korma-Ready-To-Eat can be prepared in either of two ways:
1. Transfer the content of the foil pouch into the microwave safe bowl and microwave on high for 1-2 minute.
2. Immerse the unopened foil pouch in boiling water for about 2minute. Remove, cut open and serve hot.

Type: Ready-to-eat
Taste: Mild spicy

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