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Hot red chillies are commonly known as “Dry Kashmiri mirch” in India which are very small, deep crimson with smooth, silky and thin skinned. hot red chillies are very hot, sharp and crunchy. It gives a vibrant red color to a dish in which they are used in a grounded form. Kashmiri red chili is grown in the Kashmir region of the Indian subcontinent. It imparts a rich flavor and vibrant color to Indian Cuisine .Red chilies can be used whole in curries, sauces, Pickles ,chutneys, Paste and almost any other kind of slow-cooked recipes. It is popular in tandoori dishes, but it also used in Masala , Chat, and other Indian dishes.

Ways to use?
Red chillies are used in either of two ways
• Kashmiri red chillies are used as a whole for seasoning and it can be used in paste form which can be prepared by soaking the red kashmiri chillies in cold
water for 10 minutes and then make a fine paste with the help of a grinder.
• Roast the whole red chillies lightly on a pan, till it leaves a pleasant aroma. It is used in making varieties of Indian cuisine such as chokha
(potato mash and brinjal mash).

Red chillies can either be used as a whole or in grounded for depending upon the recipes.

Medicinal Properties of Chilli Pepper:

Kashmiri red chillies have a positive effect on blood cholesterol Red chillies are high in vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin C, riboflavin, potassium and manganese.
• Red chillies are helpful in reducing arthritis pain and controlling diabetes.
• Red chilli contains a compound known as Capsaicin which has a positive effect on blood cholesterol, and also works as an anticoagulant. Capsaicin is very helpful in reducing obesity.
• Eating red chillies in regular meal help to reduce cough and it enhance appetite to eat.

Culinary Use:
• Whole red chillies are used in preparing Read made masala powder which is used in making many types of vegetable dishes.
• Red chillies can be added to any preparation that calls for Red chilli powder.
• Whole red chillies are added to marinade for marinating and to frying onions along with chopped tomatoes while preparing curries.
• Whole red chillies can also be blended in equal proportion with red chilli powder. This is often done to improve the colour of the dish as well as to add that’s hot taste.

Indian recipe: Babycorn paneer masala

Recipe Ingredients to prepare Babycorn paneer masala:

• 200 gms Paneer
(cottage cheese)
• 4 whole Kashmiri Red Chillies
(extra hot)
• 2 medium sized Onions finely chopped
• 10 baby corns, thinly sliced
• 5 cloves of Garlic Powder
• 3 tbsp oil
• 2 cups tomato puree
as per taste
• 1 tsp Chili Powder
• 1/2 tsp Cumin seeds
• 1 tsp Coriander
• 1 tsp Garam Masala
• 1 tbsp Fenugreek seeds
• 2 ” piece of Ginger
• 12 almonds

Preparation Method:

• Cut paneer into triangular shape.
• Chop half of the ginger and cut the remaining half into julienne.
• Reserve these for garnishing.
• Grind red chillies, almonds, onions, garlic and ginger into a fine paste using half a cup of water.
• Heat oil in a pan.
• Add the ground paste and sauté for three to four minutes.
• Add tomato puree, salt and continue to saute.
• Serve hot.

Other Indian recipes made from extra hot red chillies are:
• Baked cabbage
• Spicy coconut cream soup
• Baritto
• Red chilli pickles
• Alu gobhi
• Alu posto
• Mustard fish
• Moong magic
• Muglai cauliflower
• Mohhamara
• Mushroom chilli fry

Other names for kashmiri red chillies are: Milagai vatral, Chuvanna mulagu, Erra mirapa kayalu, Kempu menasinakai, Sehrscharf rote Chilli.

Type: Dry Spice
Color: Bright crimson
Taste: Hot and pungent

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