Tamarind Powder, Puliyogare Rice Instant Mix, Powder, MTR, 200g

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Tamarind Powder, Puliyogare Rice Instant Mix, Powder, MTR, 200g

Tamarind Powder is a rice instant mix which is used to prepare a Spicy Tamarind Rice. This Masala Rice Pastes is made from the purest natural ingredients & pounded together. Its a traditional recipe , can be issued as a prasadham in many Indian temples and called it as Pulioyogare. Since most ingredients used in this recipe are dried or pre-processed spices, it remains good for a long time and is ideal to pack and take along when travelling.

Main Ingredients for Tamarind Powder :

Edible Vegetable oil,Tamarind,Sugar,Salt,Coriander,Groundnuts,Red Chilli Dry coconut,Curry Leaves,Gingely
seed,Fenugreek,Pepper,Cumin,Turmeric,Bengalgram dal,Blackgram dal,Acetic acid,Tartaric acid,Asafoetida.

Cooking Method:

Mix the 4 tbsp of MTR Puliogare Paste with 600g of Cooked rice.Mix thoroughly and serve.

Step by step Video Procedure to Prepare Puliogare by using MTR Tamarind Powder:

Type:Instant Mix

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