Vermicelli, Semiya, Sevai, Roasted, Thin, TRS, 200g

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Vermicelli, Semiya, Sevai, Roasted, Thin, TRS, 200g

Vermicelli, also known as sewai or semiya in Indian subcontinent, is an important ingredient for making many Indian side dishes, snacks and desserts. Vermicelli a type of pasta that is round in section and somewhat thinner than spaghetti. Vermicelli is made by processing wheat into tiny thin strand and dried in the sunlight. Vermicelli is so versatile that it is used to make both sweet and salty dishes. In order to get fine taste of vermicelli, it should be first toast lightly in a dry pan with a little ghee on it and putting it on very low heat and keep stirring it until it turns slightly brown in color. Vermicelli is used in Indian cooking for both savory and sweet dishes but is principally known for its use in the traditional creamy pudding “sewai kheer”. This is a cold pudding which is traditionally eaten by Muslims around the end of Ramadan – although it is ubiquitously popular and is eaten on any occasion. The famous Indian puddings sewai or Payasam are made using vermicelli, sugar and ghee and flavored with nuts, rose water, cardamoms or Saffron . It can be served with puri. This is a delicious way to end an Indian meal as the chilled milk pudding takes away the heat of highly spiced food and replaces it with a cooling, sweet and subtle flavor.TRS vermicelli is carefully prepared and it is absolutely free from any preservatives in it.

Vermicelli can be best used for the followings:
• Main ingredients for making mini meals like upma
• Vermicelli is used to prepare exotic Indian desserts like vermicelli paysum and kheer.
• Vermicelli is used to make Indian pudding flavored with ghee, rasin, cardamom and saffron
• Vermicelli is used to prepare gujia, a north Indian sweet dish.
• Vermicelli is used to make salad, soup, breakfast and snacks.
Indian recipe: Semiya paysum (A preparation of milk and vermicelli sweetened with sugar)

Recipe Ingredients to Semiya Paysum:

• 1 cup Vermicelli
• 3/4 cup Water
• 1 cup Sugar
• A pinch Saffron
• 1 cup Milk
• 3-4 Cashew Nuts
• 7-8 Raisins
• 2-3 Cardamom

Preparation Method to Semiya Paysum:
• Heat a pan and roast the vermicelli with ghee on a medium heat until it turns golden brown.
• Boil water in another vessel.
• Put vermicelli in boiling water and cover it, stirring occasionally.
• After the vermicelli becomes soft, add the sugar stirring continuously.
• Dissolve in the milk and add this to the vermicelli.
• Powder the cardamom and add it to the mixture.
• Flavor the desert with fried cashew nuts and almonds.
• Simmer the vermicelli for about two minutes.
• Serve the delicious payasam with puri.

Other Indian recipes made from vermicelli are:
• Vermicelli khichri
• Vermicelli upma
Vermicelli Kheer
• Vermicelli idli
• Faluda
• Vermicelli salad
• Masala vermicelli
• Vermicelli pudding
• saffron vermicelli pudding

Other Indian names of Vermicelli are: Sewaiya, Seviyan, Sevain, Simoi, Sheoi, Simei, Shevaya, Sev, Shavige, Fadennudeln.

Type: Thin tiny strands
Color: Light yellow
Taste: Grain like

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