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Jaggery & Raw Sugar Jaggery is a natural type of sugar popular in India. sugar coated fennel seeds., It is normally manufactured from either sugar cane or palm. online groceries shopping., While jaggery is useful in Indian cooking, it is also an ancient part of Ayurvedic medicine and has spiritual significance in India too. online groceries germany., In Indian cooking jaggery can sweeten some of the savory dishes. order spices online., A pinch or two might be added to dishes like curry or sambar. list of indian spices., Sambar is a lentil and vegetable stew popular in Indian and Sri Lanka. buy Indian Grocery., This sugar may be eaten in small slices alone as a dessert, or it may be combined with spices to make a variety of Indian desserts and candies. indian food online store., Our online Indian shop wants to make all your occasions so special with our Jaggery and Raw Sugar. grocery stores online shopping.,