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Noodles & Vermicelli Vermicelli also known as sewai or semiya in Indian subcontinent, is an important ingredient for making many Indian side dishes, snacks and desserts. maggi masala noodles., Vermicelli, a type of pasta that is round in section and somewhat thinner than spaghetti. indian grocery delivery., Vermicelli is made by processing wheat into tiny thin strand and dried in the sunlight. authentic indian food., Vermicelli is so versatile that it is used to make both sweet and salty dishes. west indian spices., Vermicelli available in our online Indian shopping market is carefully prepared and it is absolutely free from any preservatives in it. how to make indian curry chicken., Vermicelli can be best used as main ingredients for making mini meals like upma. buy grocery online india., Vermicelli is used to prepare exotic Indian desserts like vermicelli paysum and kheer. indian food online shopping., It is used to make Indian pudding flavored with ghee, rasin, cardamom and saffron. where to buy spices., Enjoy various Indian dishes with vermicelli. online indian grocery.,