Soya Chunks & Meal Maker

Soya Chunks also popularly known as meal maker is a textured vegetable protein which is also known as textured soy protein or soya meat or a nutritious meat extender made from defatted soy flour, a by-product of extracting soybean oil. indian food party menu., The soya chunks or soya meat or meal maker is quick and easy to cook and are widely used in Indian kitchen. food shopping online., Amazingly soya chunks have protein content equal to that of the meat and contain no fat. indian herbs and spices., A variety of delicious dishes could be prepared with the soya chunks or meal maker like you can add them in the pulaos, or make a fantastic masala curry which just taste like a meat curry. how to make indian rice., In our online Indian shop, we sell the soya chunks with best quality and cheap price. india food recipes., Enjoy your meals with Soya meal maker, a perfect for vegetarian food.

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